How to easily adopt meditation into your sales activities

 Gaining some first-hand practice and experience with meditation will offer the best demonstration of its effects and will begin the discovery process of how you will be able to harness it to help you achieve your goals for your business.

Below I will offer some tools and guidelines to do just that.


Here is a link to the Android 'counter' app where you can track mantra repetitions (click on your phone):

'Mantra' is a compound word in ancient Sanskrit (manas = mind; tra = tool) broadly meaning 'tool for the mind/thinking' -- and that's precisely what it is!

By repeating your mantra silently (or aloud) you build up a type of momentum in your consciousness, and while remaining anchored by the mantra (and the 'counter' app), various thoughts will come and go.

The idea is that because the mantra is mission-oriented (‘The future will show, that my business will grow'), and you are going to be using it in a business context, those thoughts will be mostly related to the task-at-hand or strategic/higher-order business priorities.

The conscious momentum you achieve makes this thinking-process considerably easier than a 'cold start' approach, by reducing initial resistance and distraction.

Ultimately you are sharpening your concentration and the related thoughts and outcomes in terms of ideas, action-items and communication will be enriched as a result.

Ideally, you should be at a keyboard so you can quickly jot down these thoughts or take action in combination with your meditation (emailing, calling, content).

Traditionally, the goal of meditation is to eventually 'transcend' these thoughts, but for now, we want to 'harvest' them for our own purposes.

The mind comes in and out of concentration and it's a natural and desirable process, just like the tides come in and out.

Along the way we can pick up valuable and game-changing insights we may not have otherwise been aware of.

To support and enhance this exercise even further, I'm providing links below to audio tracks that contain 'entrainment' frequencies which are shown to increase concentration and creative thinking (one of them contains classical music which I think is great inspiration for work-related tasks).

I would encourage you to listen to one of either 'Optimal Learning' or 'LifeFlow 7' for the initial meditation experiment, in combination with the app.

Then, feel free to use 'Classical Magic' at your discretion and leisure. Headphones work great, but so does a quality Bluetooth speaker. This will get you accustomed to the feeling of being in a meditative state, which has certain characteristics that make it distinct from ordinary consciousness.

Meditation tracks found below (feel free to download from Google Drive to your phone):

Optimal Learning:

LifeFlow 7:

Classical Magic:

The counter app includes 'haptic feedback' (meaning it vibrates) when you have a reached a certain custom number of mantra repetitions (it also vibrates at 108 which is considered a full 'cycle').

At a minimum, this custom value should be 21, and below I've included screenshots showing this setting (available from the in-app menu in the top right-hand corner next to 'SET VALUE'): (1).png

The constriction of number of mantra repetitions serves two purposes:
1. It will remind you in a tactile way to come back to the mantra if you've drifted 'too far';
2. You can use the finite number of repetitions in a task-oriented way (i.e. prior to an important email or phone call -- performing as many cycles as you like, but prompted to take action also)

In this way, you avoid strictly meditating and putting off sending that important email or wrapping up important marketing collateral/content for the website, etc.

Essentially it allows you to move through and between tasks as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The protocol doesn't rely on traditional 'rah-rah' motivation which is typically unsustainable.

This process is designed for consistent and reliable results.

Please let me know if you have any initial questions and I'll look forward to your feedback.

My job is to ensure you are getting the most out of this practice as possible, and I'll be here to support you in that.

Thanks again for your interest

PS: Feel free to use my mantra example strictly as a template, if you wish to choose your own I would encourage; or, if you want some suggestions for universal/traditional mantras, happy to provide that as well.

Paul R Tittel

Founder & CEO