Our Philosophy


What sets ministry co apart?

Professional, high-performance selling requires all the focus and creativity of a great work of art or masterful technical innovation.

The question is how to conjure up that inspiration and creativity on-demand without relying on the spontaneous epiphany oftentimes needed to conquer a life-long muse such as a novel or painting.

In business there is no luxury of patiently waiting thirty years for a customer to turn up. We must go to the customer with a proposition that is profoundly thought-out and ready to be concisely communicated.

We must be able to rely on a repeatable process to deliver that proposition, and the most effective way to do that is through meditation.

At Ministry Co. we believe anyone can sell successfully with a repeatable process supported by meditation which puts you in touch with the prospect on various levels.

Sales is not just a 'numbers game' -- it is about truly understanding the needs and desires of your prospect so well that, even for a split-second, you become the prospect.

Relying on some new, and some very old technology, we train our customers how to do just that each and every time they engage a potential customer.

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